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Game 2 at Metropolitan Stadium

Jim Kaat vs Sandy Koufax


The original TV broadcast of game 2 of the 1965 World Series, including all TV commercials, can now be seen on DVD, thanks to the film restoration expertise of Rare Sportsfilms! This DVD is an absolute MUST for all Twins fans, as the 1965 classic was the first ever for the franchise since moving to the northwest from Washington D.C. after the 1960 season. Not only that, in this game Jim Kaat is brilliant, limiting the Dodgers to a single run and demonstrating both his fielding and hitting skill while smashing a two-run hit in the 8th and pitching a complete-game 7-hitter! Another hero is Bob Allison, whose 5th inning one-handed sliding catch in the LF corner robs Jim Lefebvre of at least a double - it's one of the top defensive gems of the entire series!

This fabulous DVD also includes a unique Rare Sportsfilms feature - both TV and radio game play-by-play broadcasts! You can use a menu at the beginning of the DVD to watch the game while listening to either the TV play-by-play with Vin Scully and Ray Scott, or the radio audio with Joe Garagiola and Byrum Saam. Many fans will want to watch the game twice - viewing the TV picture while listening to first the TV audio, and then later watching with the radio call. You can even bounce back and forth between radio and TV half inning by half inning if you wish, to further compare both historic play-by-play accounts.

Only six baseball game TV broadcasts before 1965 are known to exist in their entirety! All are world series games and all but two are owned by Rare Sportsfilms! This broadcast brings back all the memories of World Series baseball in the sixties, over 55 years ago!

To get your own copy of this rare kinescope footage now available on DVD for the first time ever, send $29.95 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling. (Illinois residents must add $2.30 sales tax)

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